iXtronics Schutzglassensorik

You can choose between three different example scenarios below

Example 1:   It shows a typical situation in North Rhine-Westphalia in the period from mid-December to early January.
Example 2:   It shows a situation in cold regions, simulated by measurements within a refrigeration chamber at -18 °C.
Example 3:   It shows a setting in a greenhouse with increased humidity and temperature falling short of the dew points.
Once you have chosen an example scenario, you can choose between the following five diagrams (Dew Points, Temperatures of glass surfaces, Air temperatures, rel. Humidity, Battery Voltage) as well as the Data Table with all measured data.
Funtions of the diagrams:
  • Zoom in Area: Highlight areas with the mouse to zoom into this area (both vertical and horizontal).
  • Reset diagram: Double-clicking with the left mouse button in a diagram returns to the initial diagram.
  • Highlight Line: Diagram lines are highlighted when they are touched with the mouse pointer.
  • Freeze a Line: Left-clicking on a highlighted diagram line will freeze it. Left-click again to release the line.
  • Deactivate a Line: Individual lines can be activated or deactivated by using the checkboxes below the respective diagram.
  • Move the Diagram View: You have zoomed in an area and now want to move the area horizontally or vertically: To do this, hold down the Shift key and move the mouse with the left mouse button pressed in the desired direction.

Data table: Bild DL Bild HELP